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What components are provided with the Robot Kit?

The kit includes a wheeled chassis, a cartridge with Arduino UNO microcontroller, two light sensors, two line detectors/followers (black and white line), two touch probes, one proximity sensor, and two blank modules, using which you can make your own sensors. Also included are the battery housing, USB cable, Bluetooth adapter, and a flash drive with the software.

What is the size of the Robot Kit?

The size of the wheeled chassis is 160×140×110 mm (L×W×H), with a road clearance of 4 mm. To perform the training assignments, the Robot Kit requires a flat surface of 300×300 mm.

In which way is the robot powered?

The robot can be powered either through the computer’s USB port or using batteries. You can choose either one Krona (6F22) battery or four AA batteries. Batteries are connected to the robot via a special housing provided with the kit.

How can I get the robot ready for operation?

Put the Arduino cartridge on the wheeled chassis. On the chassis, five contact pads for placing the sensors are located. To fasten the sensors on the chassis, the magnets are used, so just place the sensor onto any of the pads. That’s enough — the robot is ready to use!

Has the Robot Kit a unique name?

Yes, each robot has its own name. To get it to know, turn over the chassis, and you will see a sticker with the name at the bottom of the robot. In case of Bluetooth connection, the robot will be detected by your computer or tablet using this name.

How to connect the Robot Kit to a computer or a tablet

Robot Kit and computer can communicate either via a wired connection (USB cable) or wirelessly (Bluetooth connection). So far, the Robot Kit communication with a tablet or a smartphone is possible via Bluetooth only.

Before you start, set the jumpers located at the bottom of the robot to the position Bluetooth or USB. Take note of the robot’s name — under this name it will be detected in case of Bluetooth connection.

If you use Bluetooth connection, you have to power the Robot Kit from the batteries and connect the Robot Kit to your computer/tablet/smartphone as a Bluetooth device. The Robot Kit PIN code is 1234. If your PC or notebook has no built-in Bluetooth adapter, you can use a Bluetooth adapter provided with Robbo.

If you want to use a wired connection, connect the robot to your computer via USB cable. A bit of advice: if you work with Robot Kit in wired mode, you can still use batteries — in this case, the robot will go faster.

On connecting the Robot Kit to a computer/tablet/smartphone, run the ScratchDuino visual programming environment — the robot will automatically connect to the program.
For more detailed instructions, refer to the User Manual.

Where can I watch the sensors’ readings?

The sensors can be installed at any of the contact pads of the robot. Sensors’ readings are displayed in a special window of ScratchDuino visual programming environment. Each sensor is associated with its own variable that stores the sensor readings.

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