Robot kit

Robot kit is a comprehensive and easy-to-use robot kit in all aspects:

Robot kit is an educational open source robot-designing kit. It is a complete solution, which combines both hardware and software in a single extendable setup. The hardware part is modular and easy to assemble.

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Lab is an educational open source board designed to explore Physics, Robotics and Programming.

Being an open source evangelists, we provide all blueprints and assembly schematics for those who would like to create Lab completely from scratch.

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What makes robbo?



Robot can see in black/white, track the distance, identify objects’ proximity, produce sounds and react on touch. You decide how these factors affect its behaviour.


Scratch Programming Language

Scratch does not require any prior programming knowledge. Its user interface gives a visual representation of designed program, placing each command in a single colored block, highlighting them as the command is being executed. You can download adapted version of RobboScratch from our website. With our robots you can always go deeper and create advanced programs with C++ in Arduino IDE.


Ready to Play

Right out of the box robots are ready to collect data and process it according to a piece of code designed in Scratch.


OS Support

We support all recent versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux – no need to worry about compatibility.

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